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10:15-10:50 Dr. Todd Kelley

Todd R. Kelley is an Associate Professor in Technology Leadership and Innovation. Dr. Kelley's research focus is in design and cognition seeking to better understand how young students learn design and how design improves STEM education. Dr. Kelley is the program coordinator for the engineering/technology teacher education program at Purdue. Dr. Kelley is also leading the second year Design Thinking course for the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.  The course is a collaboration between the Polytechnic and Anthropology to integrate ethnographic approaches by developing technological and engineering design human centered design solutions.


10:50-11:25 Rotimi Solola

Rotimi Solola sees industrial design as “the important bridge between craft and business.” He adds, “It has truly made a positive impact on the industry as a whole, but there comes a point where too much of a good thing, is no longer a good thing. As designers we are problem solvers, but we sometimes forget that with every problem we solve, we create a new one.”

Solola says just as the world is changing, our industry must change and adapt. “We have to ask ourselves—are the problems we are solving, truly greater than the problems we are creating? Now, as well as in the future, and the Future of the Future, I believe it is our responsibility to ask ourselves a question: Is it possible to grow our industry and shrink our negative environmental impacts? If so, how?”


11:30-12:30 Lunch & Mingle

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12:30-1:05 Kat Reiser

Kat Reiser is an industrial designer at Webb deVlam, a consultancy that specializes in strategic brand design. At Webb, Kat has had the opportunity to design for Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, Chevron, P&G, and AB InBev.

at is known for her strategic approach to today's design challenges. She is notorious for trying to sneak broader discussions into the smallest of projects. She is currently working to break down the assumptions designers make about gender when designing for a specific consumer demographic.




1:05-1:40 Hector Silva

Hector Silva began his career as an educator at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching introductory courses in design and design sketching. During his time at UIC, he held weekly Sketchwars, providing students with the opportunity to work with and learn from established Chicago designers.

Hector is an Industrial Design consultant under H Design, working with companies such as: Crate/Barrel; DesignLab; Nickelodeon; LeapFrog; Foster Grant; Insight Product Development; Lund & Company Invention and various entrepreneurs. Other design experience includes interning at TOMY, an international toy company based in the Chicagoland area.

Hector is a recipient of the Core 77 Design Awards 2016 Student Notable Consumer Product Award for his work with wearables in the medical field. His winning product was completed for his graduate thesis in May 2015. Hector was recently named one of "10 Analogue Sketch Pros You Need To Know" through Core 77's Coroflot blog, a subjective nomination, but one that validates his work in the field of design sketching.



1:40-2:00 Break

Daniel Schaumann .png

2:00-2:35 Dan Schaumann

A multi-faceted creative who straddles the line between design and engineering, Daniel Schaumann seeks to empower others through the magic of design. As Faculty at  UIC School of Design, he brings a lifelong love of learning, teaching and education to his design courses, honing the foundational sketching and visualization skills that will ultimately enable his students to bring their ideas to life.

In his professional practice, DANSCH, Daniel provides design and engineering consulting services to clients ranging from large corporations to local startups. A deep believer in the bicycle as a vehicle for change, Daniel’s personal practice, Pachyderm, includes the design and fabrication of custom bicycles. In this capacity, he works with steel and carbon fiber to create functional, modern vehicles with simple, classic aesthetics.

Daniel is also a principle designer for Parallel Goods, a group seeking to bring functional design to the DIY 3D printing community by developing downloadable products optimized for low-cost, 3D printers. In 2015 his design for the Gramovox Floating Record player earned IDSA IDEA Silver award.


2:35-3:10 Lauren Platts

Lauren is a graduate of Purdue University Industrial Design, a Purdue Student Merit Winner, and is now working at GE Appliances, A Haier Company as a Senior Industrial Designer in Refrigeration.  She was previously co-chair of IDSA Kentucky, has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for her work in introducing voice control to the appliance industry, has launched the GE Door-in-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator to market, and is currently working to optimize the refrigeration market through innovative new storage configurations that address long standing consumer pain points. 


3:10-3:40 Closing Remarks

And group debrief


4:00 21+ Afterparty & Networking

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